Friday, November 2, 2012


Just because we're two days past Halloween doesn't mean the little black angels of death have stopped beckoning us for more fresh meat. Today's offering is the new all-out war ensemble by Le Matos entitled 'Sarah'.

Dear heavenly father does this track just rip. From the Exorcist-esque opening to the synth-splurge that quickly ensues, songs like this just don't get passed through our offices these days. I instantly get the urge to jump out the back window of this classroom, fire up the black Pontiac and cruise down tree covered roads, over wet leaves with that slight November mist hitting my windshield. To make a video for a song like this would be divine. Hopefully this is a sign that the Le Matos LP is on the horizon. We may not hear from them often, but when we do the magnitude is always unmatched.

Click here to buy 'Sarah' for a mere $1 (bandcamp)


Nick said...

Wow man, that is fantastic stuff. Thanks for the hook up!

Sarah said...

Uncle TNUC don't taunt me...there HAS TO BE A NEW TNUC video for this! This is too amazing and my name is Sarah!

Kendrel said...

I really don't see how you could listen to that /most excellent hit/ and NOT want a clip to go with!

Meanwhile... Le Matos got my bucks.