Friday, February 24, 2012


Nobody told them that when they'd give up the 'ludes, they'd become TWO CRUDE DUDES. They gallop down the Pacific Coast Highway in a 1986 JEEP CJ-7 and a 1985 Monte Carlo SS with T-Tops, each with one arm out the window, fully tanned, veins popping out and chewing bubble gum. Their plan? To bulldoze down the dull and lifeless indie-rock and emo stylings of the modern neutered man. This is TNUC and Mike Ballermann's "TWO CRUDE DUDES MIX :: 12 TRACKS OF TWISTED STEEL AND SEX APPEAL". Coming soon to and !

Wouldn't it have been a little predictable if TNUC had made his latest video to some teen-dream, neon lit, soft bedroom pop, generic-sounding electronic song? To keep fresh and lethal, like Malibu's feathered hair, we constructed a party-metal video to accompany the TWO CRUDE DUDE'S upcoming mixtape. Be sure to stay until the very end of the video and please, TURN IT UP.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait!

Bjorn said...

I can't freakin' wait! All I remember was I woke up on the beach, takin' in some cosmic rays, gettin' healed by mother nature. Takin' in a lil brewski, holdin' onto a beautiful babe and I'm still high today.

Kendrel said...

2012: TNUC for President !