Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Deepest apologies for the lack of updates lately. There has been a hotbed of activity over at TNUC Laboratories in the past few weeks...working on NEW feature presentations for 'TNUC Home Video' and eating way too much oozy-cartoon-looking pizza. We're also tossing different ideas around for paraphernalia to give to you keepers of the good book this year. So far T-shirts, slap bracelets, single Road Warrior-esque shoulder pads, beer koozies, stickers and dangling-cross "T" earrings are currently being discussed at a classified board meeting at headquarters.

But today, the focus is on a distinct group of individuals we like to call Italian Mustached Strangers of the Night (IMSOTN). These minimally facial-haired phantoms are most likely seen leaving Italo Disco clubs in the early morning hours, then hopping in sports cars to drive to their villas to catch the sun coming up with a lucky lady (or two) by their side. During the golden era of Italo and Euro Disco, they were the front runners and torchbearers of this exquisite brand of music.

Before we get into the heavy stuff, here are a few ground rules so that you don't get a true IMSOTN confused with a poseur-tryhard-hipster-pubescence:

1) Mustache thicker and tighter than eyebrow.
2) Skin is deeply tanned, Mediterranean style. Not pasty and pale.
3) Sporting accessoires of gold such as necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, earrings or dolphin rings. Not wannabe smart horn-rims and cheap plastic retro toys like a retro digital watch.
4) Ride a fast Italian or American sports car. Not an altered wheelchair called a fixiebike.
5) Hang around at the beach, gym or a venturous discotheque. Not the library, vernissage or an indie concert.

Take for example, Casablanca. Even though they allegedly hail from Germany, the IMSOTN craze struck on all continents, and these strangers could well have been your next door neighbors. If you want to truly educate yourself and fathom the IMSOTN style, click on this picture and look at the guy on the right, in the all-white jumpsuit. You will now fully comprehend. Casablanca's 1987 single Angel of Night is a war cry for all IMSOTN.

Casablanca - Angel Of Night by TNUC

Support this movement by joining the Italian Mustached Strangers of the Night (IMSOTN) Facebook Fan Page, where fans like yourself can post Italo video favorites and pictures of yourself posing with IMSOTN that you randomly run into on the street.


TNUC said...

Casablanca - Angel of Night [Instrumental]

Mike said...

This combined with the FB fan page might be the single best post in internet history.

Ghost of John Hughes said...

Italo Disco has got to come back.

Thank god for Electric Youth and the whole Valerie crew who are educating their blog readers from all over the world.

Popp Radio said...

Agreed Holy Ghost, and another huge thanks Uncle T. Italo Disco is truly due for a comeback.