Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fresh off the bus that just pulled into these dusty campgrounds (see previous post) is Gatekeeper with their new video for Chains. Each of the 6 tracks from their upcoming EP 'Giza', will be accompanied by a video directed by Thunder Horse Video, which will be released on a limited edition VHS tape. Chains is video 1 of 6.


Inspired by the sounds and visions of forgotten sci-fi film scores, fantasy games and arcade imagery, Gatekeeper has created its own morbidly deranged discotheque, a vivid flight of fancy in which the conventions of techno, Chicago house, italo-disco and industrial are transfigured into one phantasmagorical adventure, populated by hushed screams, Gregorian dungeon chants and cinematic washes of mammoth sound.

'Giza' finds the band advancing into more exotic, outlandish territory, as well as fusing their earlier disco leanings with a faster-paced, more club-oriented approach, demonstrated in the arcade biker theme of 'Chains', haunted melody swirls of 'Storm Column' and 'Serpent', or the feverish, nightmare-ridden after-hours romp of 'Mirage'.

LP is released 12/13/2010 which you can pre-order here.
VHS release date TBA.

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