Wednesday, October 27, 2010



If you're looking for hot times, you're headed to the right place. 1-900-UNCLE-TNUC is a steamy chat line where TNUC will converse on just about anything. Teen talk, cardiovascular training in sub-zero temperatures, VHS, trench coats, keymasters, gatekeepers, Heather Locklear, Nickelodeon slime, the food court, American Gladiators, fog-drenched city streets, Michael Douglas sex thriller films, your sister's heavy hangers, your father's jockstrap..... No promises that Uncle T himself will answer the phone, but one of his phone actresses/factory employees undergoing grueling hours of work and making less than minimum wage will pick up the horn. Its either they pick up the phone or they're immediately deported back to Colombia where they can return to their previous jobs, stomping on coco leaves and working as cocaine base processors.

In 1987, 1-900-UNCLE-TNUC was the 4th most lucrative hotline next to Hulk Hogan's number and a few phone sex/psychic numbers. As you will see below, TNUC currently has some competition. We're attempting to beat Freddy Krueger, Creep Phone and Warrant for the #1 premium rate number in the San Fernando Valley. So what are you waiting for? Any touchtone phone will do!
[$5 first minute, 69¢ each additional minute]

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

Exhibit 3:


Cinema Du Meep said...

I use to call up the freddy line whilst at my aunts house and run up her phone bill. Since it was a 1-900 number she thought it was from a sex line and blamed her son, my cousin. I never copped to it. Instead, I called a few more times until Freddy devoured my soul.

Robert G. said...

I was always partial to the Freakphone:

Riku said...

Haha! Nice

Never knew the Freddy Number existed! And those creeps look adorable...