Monday, March 22, 2010


OK, we'll give George Michael a pat on the back for coming up with the initial saxophone riff to this song while he was on a bus ride home from a radio station interview, but full credit must go to saxophonist Steve Gregory who laid down the final product. So George, hang out in your favorite gas station bathroom for a bit.

Today we're focusing on the instrumental version of 'Careless Whisper'. Doing this ensures nothing but high-flying saxophone and a sultry beat. Listening to this song brings people many different feelings and images. Weather its the vision of soaring seagulls, or maybe dipping a loved one in a lusty bath of honey, this track should wash some very strong emotions over you. So gentlemen, lock eyes with the nearest woman in the room, throw on your best pair of white slacks and sock-less boat shoes and dance with her to the polished rhythms. Preferably on a yacht.

Wham! featuring George Michael - Careless Whisper (Instrumental) d/l


Agent Lover said...

YES!!!! I was just watching CARELESS WHISPER on youtube yesterday!!!!!! Ain't nothing sexier than a SAX.

Riggley said...

Much better than the vocal version IMO. Who played the sax on this????

TNUC said...

read the post !