Monday, August 24, 2009



He's 50% of The Outrunners and 100% flying through hyperspace to greet us with his debut EP, 'Visions'. His name is Stephen Falken, a member of the spectacular Valerie Collective, and he's here to defy the laws of time and space. His music feels like warm waves of neon meeting the spirit of John Carpenter on a dark cloud of enlightenment, making it the best early 80's movie score you've never heard. It's the precise background music for chasing a girl in your Ferrari, playing a game of cat & mouse that lasts till 4 a.m., driving at full speed only to find each other at the edge of the earth..

Stephen Falken - Visions EP
Format: 12"

1. Shadow of the Wind
2. Visions
3. The Deal
4. Emotion Engine

Listening to this song is like hearing pure light. I like to imagine this type of music being created in one of those 70's/80's control rooms or space stations, with blinking lights, switches and monitors stacked higher than the eye can see. 


Jared said...

Nice work Uncle T! Funny how we were talking about Falken needing an official release. Can't wait for this to show up at my doorstep.

Hyperthrust said...

mastermind! if anyone still has got his remix of MAETHELVIN's "lost in big city" or his track "close 2 you" please get in touch, both were posted on valerie quite some time ago!

TNUC said...

I have Falken's MAETHELVIN remix...drop me your email and i'll send it your way!

Havn't heard "close 2 you"...

multipac said...

Simply brilliant!

wopr said...

"close 2 you" has also been seen on the internet under the title of "everything must go". If you have been tuned on Valérie yo may already have it.