Friday, May 15, 2009


The fine people at the Pontiac Corporation went through their VHS archives for me and dug up some true treasures. Believe it or not, this first piece actually stars yours truly. What you see in this video is entirely true, no acting whatsoever. Apparently back in 1986, Pontiac was scheduled to shoot a commercial. Well it just so happens that night I was out combing the night streets in my black Trans Am. I decided that before I headed into the Valley to pick up this vicious babe I'd been seeing, I'd take a cruise into the night air, because driving my Trans Am through the steam & mist of the back alleys just looked so ruthless. I guess the Pontiac people just happened to be nearby and started filming. I was pretty confused at the time, but ignored them, picked up the broad, and well, "When in Rome"....

The "commercial" was huge for Pontiac, little did people know that it was just a standard Friday night for TNUC.


Here's a few bonus favorites that the Pontiac people sent me on Laser Disc.. 


RIDE, PONTIAC RIDE!!! Why this song didn't go #1 on the radio or MTV is BEYOND me.


Chevrolet snuck in here somehow. This is a deep one. Apparently this sports car can deflect all those dangerous, shooting, pink lasers that everyone had trouble with in 1984. Plus, you can finally take those dark rides through misty canyons you've been wanting to take your family all this time! C'mon kids! The music behind the voice-over is so good. I wish the voice-over wasn't there, I would listen to that track over and over.


This is every one's favorite.  "CONQUER THE WIND"


Jan said...

That's some sexy shit right there, awesome!

Good Morning said...

The Corvette one is probably my favorite commercial for anything ever.

Anonymous said...

this blog is a treasure box itself

Anonymous said...

this blog is a treasure box itself

NightWaves said...

man, that corvette is SOO advanced!!

Binary said...

This is my favorite blog.